"I want my classes to be more exciting and interesting for my students."

"I need help preparing for my classes."

"How do I know how much my students are learning after class?"

"Did my students master the material I presented to them today?"

ALO7 Courseware

Efficient and interactive courseware that creates exciting and engaging classes

More than 400 templates to keep students on-task

Colorful animated stories

Over 30,000 teacher activities

ALO7 Learning Feed for Teachers

School-to-home platform enables teachers to optimize learning management

Convenient and practical way to improve teaching and reporting efficiency

ALO7 Assessment

Research-based, scientific approach that effectively measures students’ English ability during their educational journey

Assists schools to accurately place students in suitable classes based on their abilities and needs


"I want to have fun."

"I never use English, so I don’t like learning it."

"I don’t have anyone to practice with."

"I want to get better scores in school."

ALO7 Learning Platform

Mobile app gives students access to fun and interesting content

Allows students to track their progress and master difficult language concepts

Unique activities to create personalized content that can be shared with parents—including songs, chants, and readers

ALO7 Online Tutoring

A platform combining our world-class teaching content, highly qualified EFL tutors, and Chinese students eager to learn

Professionally trained English-speaking tutors provide a variety of online teaching solutions


"What is the homework for tonight?"

"How is my child progressing?"

"What happened in class today?"

"Did my child finish her homework?"

ALO7 Learning Feed for Parents

Allows parents to:

Communicate in real-time with teachers and schools

Monitor their child’s progress in class

See how their children are performing on homework

Check whether their child is mastering the language skills needed to succeed in public school


"How can I recruit more students?"

"How can I keep my students and their parents happy?"

"How can I improve the quality of the teaching?"

"How do I know if a teacher is doing a good job?"

ALO7 Principal

Offers clients summarized data and the ability monitor the communication between parents and teachers

Provides information-based management data to enhance operational effectiveness and efficiency

Training School Support

A multi-subject, immersive English language learning system specifically designed for Chinese students

Full-time School Support

Student-centered content, educational tools, and dynamic platforms enhance the operation of schools

Kindergarten Support

A multi-subject, immersive English language learning system specifically designed for young learners