Students aged 3-6

Smart English

This innovative program fosters a love of learning by adding fun to the learning process and allowing children to be unique, inquisitive individuals. Smart English utilizes the principles of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) and the methods of Total Physical Response (TPR) to keep children engaged.

Students aged 6-12

Genius English

Genius English is a world-class curriculum designed with the essentials for a well-rounded education in mind. With English language production at its core, this multi-faceted program fosters students’ communication, cooperation, and critical thinking skills.

Students aged 13-15

Wise English

The curriculum incorporates advanced international educational elements and caters specifically to Chinese students’ practical needs. It helps students improve their performance on international tests in order to increase their likelihood of acceptance into the most prestigious schools in the world.


Designed for Chinese Children Aged 3-12

Multimedia Courseware + Interactive Activities

App + Phonics Stories

40 Lessons (1-2 months)


Short-term specialized program

Designed as a flexible complementary course

80 Lessons (2 years)


Designed to help students overcome difficulties with reading and writing to advance literacy


Provide level-appropriate, high-quality courseware, digital exercises, and print books

Offer a fun and natural way to develop literacy skills