Senior Psychometrician

工作地点: Shanghai, China 所属部门: 技术部


1.Serve as in-house expert on educational measurement and psychometrics.

2.Contribute to the design of research projects and product production, not limited to: the design and conduct of classical and IRT item analyses, equating studies, validity and efficacy studies, sampling plans, using pilot data in support of research and content design, and special statistical analyses.

3.Develop and manage field research data collection tools and protocols.

4.Develop and use psychometric tools to evaluate the accuracy of complex psychometric results.

5.Collaborate across departments, fostering and supporting the use of proper research methods throughout the entire lifecycle of products and services.

6.Produce reports, position papers, and manuscripts for internal research purposes, external client review, and publication in peer-reviewed or refereed venues (i.e., conferences, journals).

7.Build and lead a small, high-caliber Psychometrician team.


1.A Ph.D. in educational or psychological measurement and statistics, educational psychology, or a closely related field with at least four years of experience in an applied measurement or statistical analysis environment is required.

2.Experience designing and conducting psychometric analyses in support of testing programs.

3.Proven ability to analyze and propose solutions to measurement problems, and communicate those solutions effectively.

4.Facility with classical test theory, equating, and item response theory is required, as is experience with statistical analysis software (e.g., SAS, SPSS, BILOG, LOGIST, WINSTEPS, and/or PARSCALE).

5.Facility in at least two of the following areas: partial credit models, factor analysis, item analysis, scaling, standard setting, or item calibration.

Bonus points

1.Conversational fluency in Chinese.

2.Experience in the field of English language learning for young students.

3.Experience in an EduTech startup.

Compensation & Benefits

1.Competitive salary

2.Stock options

3.Health insurance

4.PTO & paid holidays