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ALO7: From Humble Beginnings to Pioneering Online Educational Company

An increasing demand for high-quality English language education in China has prompted changes in how English is taught. Apart from children developing reading skills, parents also want their children to be able to effectively use and communicate in English in everyday life. ALO7 is continually responding to this demand by expanding and exploring new and innovative ways to teach English to its excited young learners.

ALO7 began as a local online educational company. Since then, the growing brand has expanded substantially in order to broaden the methods and formats through which English is taught in China.

In 2004, ALO7 was primarily focused on creating voice recognition software. By 2009, ALO7 developed its product range to allow users to engage in teaching via digital platforms, such as iPads and tablets. Today, ALO7 operates as a key domestic provider of digital teaching materials for young English language learners. The successful company currently has 15 million registered users and subscribers to its educational content, and it cooperates with 1,000 academic institutions to develop English language teaching material.

Two years ago, ALO7 began hiring highly-trained teachers to provide online teaching sessions. This further bolstered growth, and the company now cooperates with over 100 institutions, and has attracted over 50,000 online learners.

ALO7’s total revenue from books and custom-order materials has reached over 100 million yuan. These books and customized materials combine Chinese, American, and European standards in order to offer a unique, innovative, and comprehensive learning experience.

ALO7’s CEO, Dr. Pengkai Pan, states that the brand wants students "to experience learning in a loving, happy, and curious way." ALO7 is committed to helping young learners improve their English reading habits. ALO7’s fascinating range of stories takes students along an educational journey, helping students to cultivate a strong interest for reading. While public schools in China are designed to provide a basic understanding of English, students are not given advanced learning options. This restricts students to a limited vocabulary and a narrow scope of English language skills. The consequences of this can be significant, with students having decreased interest, motivation, and confidence to learn English. Furthermore, when the vocabulary that is taught by public schools is not relevant to use in students’ daily lives, students have little motivation to recall and use the skills they have learned.

ALO7 has employed and collaborated with numerous experts from the United States and has researched and developed a variety of teaching materials that combine aspects of Chinese, American, and European teaching models.

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