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Intelligence Dialogue’s Interview with the CEO and Founder of ALO7: Thoughts on the International China Shanghai Program

During the course of a one-hour interview, the CEO of ALO7, Dr. Pengkai Pan, detailed his experience of building the company, discussed his opinions on the online educational industry, and explained how he came to discover the direction for ALO7 to take.

The Intelligence Dialogue program from International China Shanghai (ICS), run by Steven Weathers, focused on leading figures within the Chinese business world. The dialogues between well-known domestic and foreign entrepreneurs and economists concentrated on the interplay of wealth and intelligence.

Dr. Pan reflected upon his experience of starting a business. Born and raised in a well-educated family, Dr. Pan had always felt a deep connection to the educational industry. During the process of establishing ALO7, Dr. Pan had to overcome a series of frustrations and difficulties: from the production of the initial product, the SAYBOT voice recognition player, to the world-class Wise English series of language learning products for Chinese learners. Finally, Dr. Pan was able to achieve his goal of making children love learning through digital education.

As for the ALO7 business module, Dr. Pan defined it as a new B2B2C (business-to-business-to-consumer) model, placing the content and products within the sphere of an ever-expanding mobile Internet market. Additionally, ALO7 provides its users with a complete set of digital solutions and pursues a comprehensive product range, including teaching concepts, innovative ideas, course design, and technical support.

When asked why ALO7 targets students aged 3-15 years, Dr. Pan explained that not only is there enormous market potential for English products for young learners, but the learning content required by children within this age bracket is relatively simple. This allows the developer more time and flexibility to perfect the products. Relying on Big Data, the collection and analysis of users’ learning methods and habits allow developers to produce custom-made quality products. Based on user feedback, ALO7’s products effectively provide personalized learning materials, and its flexible learning formats provide added convenience for individual users.

Currently, ALO7’s digital products are used in over 2,000 teaching centers in 100 cities across China. 10 million teachers and students are simultaneously learning and having fun, thanks to ALO7’s cutting edge range of English products. ALO7’s strategic business associates include educational training tycoons, New Oriental, and Only. Dr. Pan insists that the best publicity the brand gets is from its satisfied users.

Dr. Pan also shared his ideas on education, not just from his career as a businessman, but as a father. When asked for advice on family education, Dr. Pan gave three key words: sports, mentality, and habits. Dr. Pan describes learning as a science which requires extensive experience and strong mental intuition. The ultimate aim of early education is not simply to achieve good results on college entrance examinations but to cultivate the overall happiness and sense of fulfillment that we experience in life. This philosophy is incorporated throughout all of ALO7 products and characterizes the brand’s comprehensive educational approach.

“I hope that ALO7 digital products can help every student. I believe in providing interesting content that encourages them to love learning and teaches them a broader, more global approach to learning in general. Every child has an opportunity to become a positive contributor to society.” This is the educational passion of a technician. Dr. Pan understands that children in the 21st century must be prepared to enter a globalized work force that is increasingly interconnected. Therefore, Dr. Pan strongly advocates the principles of interaction and participation. In today’s challenging business landscape, the essence and acquisition of knowledge is constantly changing. As the Internet evolves and becomes an increasingly important tool, future leaders must have the necessary skills, training, and preparation to excel.

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