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The Acceleration of Strategic Cooperation Meeting with the CEO of New Oriental Education

Founded on November 16, 1993, New Oriental School developed the New Oriental Educational Technological Group. New Oriental School is the biggest English training and educational institution in the world.

Since 2012, ALO7 and New Oriental School have successfully collaborated on several projects; additional collaborative work is currently being developed. Because of their successful history of mutually beneficial endeavors, the two companies signed a strategic cooperative agreement on March 23, 2014. Around the same time, ALO7 began to help design digital teaching materials for young English learners for the POP English Program at New Oriental School.

When Mr. Minhong Yu, the chairman and president of New Oriental Educational Technological Group and the founder of New Oriental School, visited ALO7 headquarters with his senior executives in March 2014, he was impressed by the innovative products that ALO7 offers. In particular, he was amazed by the strong, supportive technical team and the rate of increasing income generated for training institutions.

The CEO of ALO7, PPK, showed Mr. Yu the production system that ALO7 teaching materials use, as well as the standard modules in the multimedia courseware, the Chinese and English teaching materials on interactive whiteboards, and the efficacy of the data collection feature. PPK also introduced Mr. Yu to the methods, data, and tools implemented for the production of the digital courseware and described previous occasions of successful collaborations with other educational institutions, including Only Education, Dong Education (Shenzhen), Best Study (Guangzhou), among others. Mr. Yu subsequently offered feedback and recommendations to improve ALO7’s after-class learning platforms.

PPK thanked Mr. Yu for his cooperation; PPK then conducted a meeting wherein he enthusiastically explained how the collaboration would proceed. Both Mr. Yu and PPK understand that we are in an era of digital education. Furthermore, they believe that investing in quality products and services through mutually beneficial collaborations will ensure that both brands maintain their status as lead innovators in the educational industry.

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