International Advanced Phonics Curriculum
  • Designed for Chinese students aged 3-12
  • Multi-media courseware + interactive activities + phonics stories
  • Combines education and fun
  • One of the most sought-after phonics curriculums on the market
  • Divided into “Fast Phonics” and “Fun Phonics” based on duration and depth

Our Popular Courses Offer:

Classes that utilize interactive media

Trendsetting mobile software

A platform that allows sharing results (NOTHING AFTER THIS)

Easy-to-Use Resources:

Clear and concise supplementary lesson plans

Audio support (NOTHING AFTER THIS)

Staged reviews to assess learning results

Love to Learn:

Interactive including tablets, mobile phones, and PCs

Students are able to learn and practice English at any time

Designed to motivate students

Offers numerous animated media clips and interactive programs

Advantages to Parents:

Monitor your child’s learning progress and knowledge acquisition

Short-term courses available, renewal optional

Designed by internationally renowned educational experts

Designed by Phonics Education Experts

Ms. Melinda Thompson

Ms. Thompson is the Editor-in-Chief at ALO7 and has over 30 years of experience in children’s educational publishing. Prior to joining ALO7, she was a founding member of Disney English and was a Senior Producer in charge of content production. Her work has primarily focused on English education and language production for adolescent students, for which she has won the prestigious AEP Whole Curriculum Development ELL Distinguished Achievement Award, as well as numerous other international awards.

Dr. Victoria Saxon

Dr. Victoria Saxon is a Doctor of Education Psychology and a world-famous children’s book writer. With over 20 years of publishing experience, her books have been best-sellers in many countries.

Course Content

Comprehensive Teaching Materials

  • More than 20 interactive whiteboard activities
  • 50 stories to support ALO7’s ‘knowledge points’(Malu stories / Chinese folktales / Popular Science stories)
  • 50 key phonemes
  • 127 phoneme-based …
  • Expansive vocabulary of over 2000 words

Supplementary Content and Exercises

  • 27 online alphabet-based storybooks
  • 50 stories to support knowledge points—available for tablet or iPad (stories include vocabulary, a recording function, and a video-based pronunciation guide)
  • 225 sets of interactive exercises to support knowledge points (exercises include letters, phonemes, word combinations, and sight words)
  • 2000 additional online exercises (includes exercises for listening and reading and digital speech recognition exercises)
  • Alphabet tracing exercises (PDF)
50 Phonics Storybooks
27 Malu Stories
    13 Chinese Folktales
      10 Photo-based Stories
        Why Should You Choose ALO7 Phonics Materials?
        ALO7 Phonics
        Other textbooks
        Teaching Content

        Accounts for the learning characteristics of Chinese students

        Comprehensive alphabet review focusing on difficult pronunciation

        127 similar phonemes to master correct pronunciation

        Audio clips recorded by professional native English speakers with educational expertise

        No native-speaking teacher support needed

        50 supplementary phonics stories

        Digital courseware for tablets + printable versions


        Over 2000 high-frequency words and related vocabulary

        Over 120 teacher tips, instructions, suggestions, and lesson plans

        Combination of online and offline learning materials

        Teaching Applications

        Digital speech recognition system provides exercises

        and allows for recordings and playback

        More than 2000 online exercises included in online homework