Acquire Knowledge and Prepare for the Future

ALO7 Education Group has enlisted five world-class professors to design our structured, groundbreaking curriculum that offers an accessible and comprehensive learning experience—Genius English.

As one of ALO7’s flagship English curriculum systems, Genius English is designed specifically for Chinese students aged 6-12. The program combines international educational theories with advanced technology, offering a fresh and innovative academic experience.

International Team of Education Experts

Ms. Melinda Thompson

Ms. Thompson is the Editor-in-Chief at ALO7 and has over 30 years of experience in children’s educational publishing. Prior to joining ALO7, she was a founding member of Disney English and was a Senior Producer in charge of content production. Her work has primarily focused on English education and language production for adolescent students, for which she has won the prestigious AEP Whole Curriculum Development ELL Distinguished Achievement Award, as well as numerous other international awards.

Andrew Shewbart

Mr. Shewbart was the first employee of the Disney English JV and is the lead consultant for CCTV’s English educational programming. He also authored a Columbia University Teachers College’s TEFL-C module. With more than two decades of teaching experience in China, Mr. Shewbart understands the problems that Chinese children encounter while learning English. He applies advanced teaching methodologies, leverages his years of practical teaching experience, and employs cutting-edge technology in the research and production of ALO7’s entire educational product line.

Dr. Karen Price

Dr. Karen Price is a master of second language acquisition. She is a former professor at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, a former deputy director of ESL curriculum research and production, and has received multiple awards for her contributions to both the educational and scientific fields. Her work has been recognized by the Apple Classroom of Tomorrow Institution.

Prof. Nicholas Negroponte

Professor Negroponte is a digital guru. He is the founder and Executive Director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab and is the author of the best-selling book, Being Digital. He is also the founder of the One Laptop per Child project which aims to bring the Internet to everyone in the world.

Dr. Victoria Saxon

Dr. Victoria Saxon is a Doctor of Education Psychology and a world-famous children’s book writer. With over 20 years of publishing experience, her books have been best-sellers in many countries.

International Curriculum

Combined with Chinese MOE, US CCSS, and Europe CEFR Curriculum

The ALO7 English Language Learning (ELL) curriculum contains all of the content and skills standards set forth by the Chinese MOE. In addition, much of it was created according to the CCSS and the CEFR. The program focuses on developing critical thinking skills and creativity through experience and interaction, just as many native-speaking students would.

Chinese Ministry of Education’s

English Curriculum Standards

US Common Core State Standards

Common European Framework

of Reference for Languages

Improve Students’ Skills

Genius English focuses on the independent and integrated use of five core language skills:

Genius English Enhances Language Acquisition Skills Across

Various Disciplines While Providing a Multicultural Experience

Integrates multi-disciplinary knowledge.Trains students to think in English

Encourages mastering effective communication skills. Builds core competence for future endeavors

Combines American culture and Chinese traditions and customs

Strengthens global awareness

Language ArtsReading ScienceDrama
Global LeadershipWorld CultureEngineering

Improve English Proficiency and Literacy

Considering the cognitive capacities of children 6-12 years of age, Genius English provides layered content that include interactive learning to stimulate students’ interest. Throughout the learning process, students see their language skills, self-discipline, and critical thinking abilities improve.